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a Music Producer
in 10 Days 

The fastest, most effective way to start producing music. 

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Check out what past students have to say!

There has never been a better time to produce music.

But there's a problem...

- Too complicated

-Not techie enough

-Don't I need lots of gear?

- No Guarantee

-No accountability 

- Where do I even begin? 

The 10 Day Producer is everything you need in a course to get you confidently producing music
in 10 days.

you don't need to know everything to get started.

Just bring a computer.

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Our thorougly curated course will prepare you for exactly what you need to know, and nothing more. No overloading

Your journey as a producer starts here.





90-minute zoom calls every evening for 10 days in a fun and interactive setting. 




This isn't a series of videos. Everyone receives feedback and care from a live instructor every day.


Learn Together

Learn with a group of peers who all have the same goals as you. We all win together.


Get 40% off Ableton

The 10 Day Producer is an Ableton-Approved course.

Everyone who takes the course will receive the education discount, which is 40% off any version of Ableton.


Getting Started is  Simple:


Join the course

Click 'Join the course'

to register.


Learn the ropes

Learn essential skills step-by-step via daily Zoom calls with your peers and instructor.


Walk away a producer.

After 10 days, you'll have a new skill set and two completed songs.

It really works.


What a great experience! I’m very happy that i was given the opportunity to be amongst the first to take this course - I learned a helluva lot of new skills and just got to have a ton of fun. I’m pretty excited to see the official course once it’s out of beta, and I honestly can’t wait for a generation of new producers to say they came from 10DayProducer!!

-Deo Eswar


10/10! Was so fun! I went from not knowing how to use ableton at all to feeling wayyyyy more confident in using this DAW. I’m excited to use my new knowledge in music production for songwriting because I feel like that was something that was holding me back creatively. It was also a great community to be around and Garrett is such an awesome person! Do it!!!🤩

-Roy Kitaoka


Hey Garrett, thanks for sharing your knowledge and being so personable and professional during the whole course! I really appreciate how you went above and beyond to give us all kinds of downloadable resources and links to help it all sink in. For anyone interested in electronic music production, I highly recommend taking this class!


-Cameron Wick

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