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Inside of all of us is an animal. 

A need to build things up and then tear them down.

A need to explore the unknown, even for just a moment 

Kids at Heart

The idea of this course was heavily inspired by the effectiveness of overnight performing arts camps.

We would watch hundreds of kids ages 12-17 participating in film, music or other arts workshops for a few hours a day.

Some of them hard started knowing nothing about the craft. Some of the kids who joined the music program had never touched an instrurment before.


You Are Enough

No musical experience is necessary. Every person has a drum machine inside their body, just by being born.


Week after week we'd see it with our own eyes- kids would walk away with fundamental knowledge of the craft, and in some cases a lifelong passion.

We realized that if kids can learn as much as they did in 5 days of workshops, imagine what a well thought out course can teach adults.

Where to Start?

Starting out as a producer is difficult and scary, and that's okay. We remember too.

There is no way to start out as a producer, no linear path. Everyone goes about it differently because everyone is different.

With the virtually limitless amount of videos on youtube, it can be nearly impossible to find a place to start.

Through the Curve

The course is 10 days, but it is not a shortcut.

Each lesson is specifically curated to be as effective as possible. We take you through the muck of learning this skill and help you through step by step.


Our course was made by course takers and workshop leaders, we've been doing this our whole lives

Unlock Your Talent


No one is born knowing how to do anything. Even Kanye.

He had to learn how to use the equipment that would make the music in his head, just like us.


There's a difference between being good at music and learning how to produce. You can tell yourself you're not talented, but until you learn the ropes you'll never really know.




This course isn't a series of videos. Everyone receives 1 on 1 time with the instructor to ensure growth is being made.

We've taken a few online producer classes before, and we remember feeling a similar kind of wham, bam thank you ma'am.

A teacher that cares for you and your success 

Level Up

create whatever you want in the course.

have the tools to make your music as authentically as possible.

Don't just hire producers, be able to communicate with them.


two songs

a group of peers

Solid new skill set


Into a career, into a song or album, the next YouTube video, or into something. 


The biggest waves were once tiny currents at one point. 

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